Why Is It Important to Adjust Bike Seat Before Teaching Biking?

Is your child ready to a ride a bike? Are you willing teaching bicycling your kids? If your kids have been asking you to get them a bike for a while now, then it is time that you give in to what they want and teach them how to do it properly.


There’s nothing that makes a parents bond with their child stronger than teaching them how to ride a bike. Kids love it when their parents teach them something, and especially if they have been requesting it from you for a while now.

As a parent, you should allow your kids to ride a bike, provided that you let them know that they need to stay safe before riding.

Why Adjust Seat Before Teaching Bicycling to Your Kid?

If you are a bike enthusiast, then you should know that safety is always important especially around children. So, first things first, the best way to get your child started on riding a bike is by giving them something with training wheels to practice on first.

That way the child learns on their own how to steer the bike and balance first without complications. You also don’t have to worry so much because the training wheels keep them balanced.

During the process, make sure that you adjust the seat before teaching bicycling to your kid, so that they do not fall off and hurt themselves. After a week maybe of practicing on a bike with training wheels, they are now ready to try without it.

balance bike

Of course before anything, it is always important to find out if your child is ready and at the right age to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. If you do not know how to find out if they are ready for the real challenges of riding a bike, here is how to find out.

Why Adjust Seat Before Teaching Bicycling to Your Kid?

Most children will be ready to learn biking between ages 3 and 4 years old. Sometimes older if they are not particularly interested in learning how to ride a bike, usually a child will gain interest in certain activities around the age of 5 or 6.

If they are not ready, it will be pretty obvious because they wont get the hang of using the pedals right away. They will have a hard time moving the pedals in circles, become out balanced quickly, and the handles will start to wobble.

If you see that this happens, then it is a pretty obvious indication that they are not ready to ride a two-wheeler yet. If your child sees other children riding a bike on the street, they will get some idea about turning the pedals the right way.

Remember that children are naturally hardwired to learn how to walk and run but not to ride a bike, so you will need to put in some extra effort and patience into teaching them.


Do not worry they will appreciate you as a parent for this, and once they learn, they will tell everyone and be proud of it that you were the one who taught them how.

How to Teach Your Child How to Ride a Bike?

Learning how to teach your child how to bike is pretty simple, but it requires a lot of patience and time.

If you are really willing to teach your child, here are a few simple steps that you need to follow so that you ensure that your child is safe, and at the same time they understand how to ride the bike properly.


Ensure That They Fit the Bike Properly

When teaching your child to ride your bike, you always have to make sure that they fit the bike properly. Ensure that the seat is well adjusted, they have their safety gear on, and the bike is just the right size for your child.

teach a child to ride

Make sure that you child’s feet is planted firmly on the ground so that they can balance themselves properly, and also so that they are able to prevent themselves from falling.

Also make sure that the handle and the bike seat is at the same height, so that your child can reach the handles and reach the pedals. It is always important to make sure that your child is comfortable so that it reduces risks of getting hurt and into an accident while practicing.


Support Your Child Not the Bike

When you are teaching your child to ride a bike, it is always important that you keep your hands on your child, not the bike. If you place your hands on the bike, your child might fall off, and you wont be able to catch them in time before they fall of the bikes.

kid bike accident

Always make sure that you have both hands on your child to avoid any serious accidents or injuries


Make Sure That Riding a Bike Is Fun and Enjoyable

kids will normally just jump on their bike and be excited to ride it right away. Always ensure that you praise your child for riding correctly. Encourage them for the amount of time that they stay on the bike so that they gain confidence, and would want to keep riding the bike.

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Make sure that you do not force them to do anything that they are not ready to do, or else they will protest against the idea of riding the bike again.

The worst thing that could happen is your child get scared of riding the bike, it will turn into a scary moment for them and completely avoid the opportunity to ride again.

Always be positive and ensure that you make it a fun experience for them, so that they would persevere to keep trying.

Final Words

Riding a bike should be a fun experience for your kids, regardless if they fall off the bike or make a few mistakes. Always ensure that they get used to it, so that they will want to keep riding again and again. Maybe next time you can even bring them with you to the park.

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