10 Things to Ensure Before Letting Your Kids Ride on the Streets

As a parent, you very well know that being able to own and ride a bike is every child’s dream. Of course, you make their dreams come true by gifting them with their long-awaited bike as a big surprise on a special occasion, particularly on their birthday.


Because their bike is their first vehicle ever, this article will teach you the things you should know before you let your kids ride on the street.

While these are already familiar to you, some of it you may need to refresh yourself with to make sure that you are fully equipped with all the right knowledge before letting them take their first bike ride.


Things You Should Know Before You Let Your Kids Ride on the Street


Children below 10 Years Old

If your kid is still below 10 years old, bike riding must be accompanied by you or at least be on the lookout. Children of this age barely understand how traffic operates. They still have trouble knowing the difference between speed and distance.

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They also cannot identify sounds such as a car’s engine as easily as adults can. They think that other vehicle drivers can see them. While they can be taught the basic biking rules and skills, they still have difficulty analyzing traffic situations.


Benefits of Riding a Bike

Along with teaching your kid how to ride a bike, you must also teach them the advantages of riding a bike. At their young age, all they know is that biking is so much fun and exciting.

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Tell them as well that biking makes a good body exercise and it is good for the environment. This will make them appreciate biking even more.


Basic Biking Rules

While training your child to ride a bike, lay down the hard and fast rules of biking especially with kids.

  • No playing on the road
  • No riding on busy streets
  • No riding in the dark or at night
  • Stop all the time for all stop signs
  • Always ride on the right in the direction of the traffic
  • Always bike with a protective helmet
kid biking

Tell them as well that biking makes a good body exercise and it is good for the environment. This will make them appreciate biking even more.


Safety Gear and Riding Tips

Be aware of the necessary safety gear and safe riding tips such as the following:

  • Wearing a properly fitted protective helmet
  • Adjusting your bike to fit
  • Checking all bike parts to be in good working condition
  • Good visibility on the road
  • Watch out for road hazards (e.g. broken glass, puddle, dogs)
  • Avoid riding at night
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Good Biking Habits

Whatever your child learns from biking always reflect your way of teaching him or her with your biking techniques. Before your child even starts to make the first bike ride, show how responsible biking is done.


Incorporate and apply the basic do’s and don’ts of biking. What they normally see and observe, they follow and imitate.


Rules of the Road

Be aware of the necessary safety gear and safe riding tips such as the following:

  • Go with the flow of traffic
  • Ride in a straight line and avoid swerving
  • Yield to traffic as much as possible
  • Obey traffic laws at all times
  • Look back, and side to side before making a turn
  • Use hand signals when as often as possible
  • check-square-o
    Watch for parked cars and stay 5 feet away from them
kid biking


Common Biking Myths

Bikers should ride facing traffic. This myth is a big factor for bike accidents on the road. Always ride with traffic, not against it. A bike will help the kid grow into. This is not true, especially because big bikes do not let the kids stand with their feet flat on the ground.

Skyline Wilderness Park Trails, California

My kid must have a 21-speed mountain bike. This is not a good idea, even if you think your kid is ready for it.


Common Biking Dangers

You must be aware of the common biking dangers that usually lead to bike accidents or crashes. Here are the common possible dangers in biking: Driveway Ride-Out To avoid getting hit in the driveway when some car turns up, teach your kid these tips:

  • Stop before entering the street
  • Look to the left and right for traffic
  • If the road is clear, proceed biking onto the street.
  • Obey traffic laws at all times
kid bike accident

Running the Stop Sign Here’s what you can teach your kid regarding stop signs:

  • Stop on all stop signs all the time.
  • Check left and right for any traffic.
  • Wait for intersection traffic to clear.
  • Proceed biking when safe.

Turning Without Warning Turning left without looking back to check for traffic is very dangerous. The best training is to teach the kid to walk the bike on a busy street. But if needed, here are simple tips:

  • Look back for signs of vehicles coming in from behind
  • Check left and right for traffic
  • Do hand signal to tell drivers that you are turning to the left


Important Biking Skills

Skill 1: Riding a Straight Line This is a basic biking skill you must teach your kid. A simple tip is to look ahead where he or she is going instead of looking down on the street.

Skill 2: Looking Back Without Swerving Your child must learn how to look back for signs of approaching vehicles and not swerve past right at them.

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Skill 3: Stopping and Speed Control Let your child learn how to use the brakes to practice proper stopping. They must be quick to respond to sudden stops and slow down speed. Watch out for skidding and tell them not to practice it as much as possible.


Basic Bike Maintenance

Although you cannot teach bike maintenance and checking for repairs to kids at an early age, as a responsible parent you must know the basics yourself. Regular cleaning of the bike parts such as the brake assemblies is very important.

Check out for irregularities such as squeaking sound, loose grip on the brake handle and loose pedaling because these may mean that there is a problem with the bike. On certain schedules, take the bike to a shop for mechanical servicing

bike maintenance

Because you are the first person to teach your child how to ride a bike, you need to learn everything you need to know before letting your kid be on his own on the road later on. Always make it a goal to let the kid experience biking to be a fun activity to do.

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