4 Effective Tips on How to Balance Your Basketball

If you are a hardcore athlete, like a professional basketball player, then you will understand the struggle to develop your balance and coordination when playing a game of hoops. For people who live for the game, they will often have more strength and speed than balance, which...


Can sometimes be hard to control. Since a lot of basketball players like to charge other players, as it is a contact sport, some players may lack stability.

By committing to a training program that includes high repetitions that is focused more on helping the player develop their balance and coordination, they will easily be able to develop stability as well.

Take note that in order for you to become one of the greatest basketball players out there, you have to first develop your agility and balance, because without it your shots will just be questioned and your consistency to jump high will be bargained.

To develop this quickly, you must ensure that you train at least thrice or twice a week so that you can develop your balance and ability successfully.

Take at least an hour or two to learn the ropes of developing your balance by working out and testing yourself with a couple of drills. Drills are very effective, and can help you stay in shape and focused. You may be wondering, how can you achieve balance and agility quickly?

As mentioned there are a lot of drills that you can use during training sessions to help you develop balance, and there are also work outs that you can do at the gym to help you develop agility like lunges, bench presses, dead lifts and etc. try everything and see which one fits well with your needs.

If you do not know where to start or don’t know which drills you can use, we have provided you with a list of workouts and drills that are designed to help you hone your talent for the game. Take a look at these tips:

Tips on How to Balance your Basketball

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Basketball Drills to help you Develop Agility

It is common for athletes to think about what they can do to improve their agility; a lot of basketball players have that common objective to look for that one specific thing to help them create immediate impact for themselves and their team members.

The key is to train as much as you can until you can actively tell yourself that you have achieved better balance when it comes to handling a basketball.To get started, here are some drills that you can try with a friend or a family member:


Trace the Arc

If you want to develop foot speed, this basketball drill is designed to train your foot speed and at the same time simulate a real game situation in where you will be catching and shooting a 3 pointer.

First begin by going to either corner of the 3-point line, and then attempt to make your first 3-point shot. Quickly sprint to the other side of the 3 point line, as you reach the other side, ask the player you are partnered with to pass you the ball, then take another 3 point shot.

la sp ucla basketball balance

Sprint again back to your original position then make your last 3 point shot. Repeat this process until you reach 20 shots.


Jump Front or Back Shot

This type of drill; will help you keep your body stable, since you will be making two shots to make this shot successful. First start by standing slightly behind the free throw line with your knees bent slightly while both your hands are gripping the ball.

Tricep vs. Bicep STACK

Take a hop forward, then hop again backward to the original position you were in then immediately shoot the jump shot. Repeat this process until you can reach 20 shots. This drill is quite similar to a fade away.


Lane Trace

This drill again focuses more on your foot speed, while changing your direction. This is a good drill that you can use when you need to open for a shot.

Start by standing on the baseline of the lane at the bottom with the other player positioned behind you holding the ball. Sprint up the lane until you reach the elbow of the court.

Lane Trace

Pivot in revers and run to the circle that is at the top of the key. Catch the pass coming from the other player at the elbow, and take the jump shot. Repeat this process until you have made 20 shots.


Lane Trace

If you are having a hard time balancing yourself to stay on the center of the court, the lunge lateral drill is a great way to train your body to stay in the center at all times before making your shots.

First start by standing behind the free throw line with your knees bent slightly and your hands on the ball.

basketball main

Lunge lateral to the right side and then to the left, then return to the original position and then take the jump shot. It is not that easy to do, but after this drill you will feel more balanced within minutes of finishing it.

Final Words

As you can see, the above-mentioned drills are carefully designed to help you stay focused and balance while you are playing a game.

If you want to improve significantly, these drills will definitely be something you can do on a regular basis while you are at practice or playing with a friend and family member. You can also try some gym exercises to help you gain balance.

Training and patience will be a huge help when it comes to training for a big game. As you can see, if a player does not have balance and agility present in their form, they will not be able to play the game properly.

Consistent drills and one on one matches between friends and family will help you develop everything you need to play a good game at your first basketball match.

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