How Can You Get More Playing Time in A Basketball Game?

One of the most common questions that basketball players ask is “how do I earn more playing time on the game?” You may have wondered about this too. Players want a piece of the action, but some players do end up just sitting on the bench until the end of the game.


For some players, they can give an unlimited amount of reasons for why they need to be out there playing longer, plus they can also justify all the reasons behind these. For some people, basketball is their life, and would probably do just about anything to get the chance to play.

Throughout a basket ball game, there are very few minutes allotted to each player that need to be divided up, sometimes teams are so large in number that there will be situations wherein there are already 7-10 players on the bench waiting for their turn to play ball.

With that being said, having a lot of players does not make it easy for the coach to have everyone play and it will mean that he has to distribute all the players evenly so that all of them can get a chance to play.

This means that teammates will have to compete against each other to get some time on the court. There are techniques on how you can get your coach to grant you more minutes on the court, and we have all the information that you need to convince your coach to let you stay longer in any game.

But before we delve more into those valuable pieces of information, there are 3 rules that you first need to keep in mind and follow before seeking for more time on the court.

3 Rules For Playing Time

As mentioned, before you can be given more play time, you need to follow these 3 simple rules to ensure that your attempts are effective:


Be Patient

As a basket ball player, it is important for you to know that you need to stay patient if you want to have more time on the court. Earning more playing time does not happen over night. 

patient player

You need to be able to prove to your coach and your team that you are asset, that you can score more points for your team. If you can do that, then there will be a much bigger chance that you’ll get more play time. But again, improving your skill takes time so you need to be really patient.


Stop Making Excuses

The more complaints you make, the less chances that you will be granted permission to play longer on the court.

Making excuses and constantly ranting about how ready you are to play longer, even if you can justify all the reasons you can think of, will not make your coach rethink his decision of holding off your playing time.

basketball player

Instead focus on the things that you can control, like your attitude, shots you can make everyday, and your fitness.


Always Put Tour Teams Needs First Before Yours

Playing as a team is the coach’s number one priority, and it should also be one of yours.

Even if you think that giving you less time on the court is unfair, think about how the coach feels of having to distribute time for equal minutes on the court.

basketball team

Trust your coach and do not rush, because the coach will always put the need of the team first before yours, and you would be smart to do the same thing.

How To Earn More Playing Time

Now we come to the most important part of this post - how to earn more playing time. Here is the moment you have been waiting for. So follow these simple tips and you’ll be playing longer in no time:


Attend Practice All The Time

The whole point of training, is for you to learn everything that you need to know about how to play basketball. If you fail to attend practice, how will you be able to play longer if you deem yourself unworthy of the minutes?

basketball practice

Prove yourself by attending all the practice sessions to be up to date with all the strategies that the coach will start teaching to your other teammates.


Always Look Eager And Interested

This is another technique that you can use to get your coach to give you more time on the court.

basketball player

If you show him that you are very eager and interested in playing basketball, then the more chances of you getting more time to play, just ensure that when he does give you the opportunity, do a good job and impress him with how much you learned by paying attention to his teachings.


Offer To Help

This is also another good way to gain your coaches’ trust. Be willing to help him with all kinds of things. That includes helping with drills, and other stuff that involves basketball. Be ready to give a helping hand at all times.


Final Verdict

All in all, playing time is easy to acquire, you just need to show your coach that you are determined and eager to get more playing time on the court, and that you will not disappoint him if you do end up playing longer.

If you want to get more time on the basketball court, you have to be patient and be sure to put the needs of the team first before your own. When you have significantly improved your basketball skills and you have proven your value to your team, there is no doubt that your team coach or manager will give you more time playing in each game.

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