Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Review

Usually, when you come across a bike, you take your time to study it and know of all the outstanding features and look at any downsides before forming a verdict. Very rarely do you find yourself confronted with a bike that is almost perfect.


You try to look for any negatives but come up short miserably. This was the case when I bought the Vilano Fixed Gear Bike.

I had just got it and was thinking of taking it out for a spin to know more about it but before this could happen my mind was already made up.

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I still cannot tell what it was that so made this bike stand out because I hadn't even looked at the features yet. I guess some things are just too good to ignore.

Nevertheless, despite this Instant liking, I still told myself that I'd have to look at all the critical features to know more about the bike. This is the result of that analysis. Below are the features I found most impressive about this bike.

Frame Strength






  • Gears are not mobile preventing mishaps
  • Pedals are allowed freedom
  • Has a fork that doesn't require a thread
  • Tires are made of long lasting rubber
  • The cog of the read hub is fixed


  • Some of the components are cheaply made

Key Features


Threadless Fork

The fork functions very regularly on the bike to give the rider an easy time. It is important that the fork is quality and easy to use and understand.

The fork in this bike is first of all threadless which means that the distraction of thread is not there. Secondly, the fork is a cool 700 cc and one and an eighth of an inch. This makes the fork reliable.


Advances Rear Hub

The rear hub is the back part of the bike, and it is also another invaluable component of the bike. This particular rear hub is of the flip-flop variety and also features a fixed cog which ensures that movement if the rear tire is not hindered.

The freeing of the rear tire is the most important advantage in all this. This gives the bike freedom to move and to accelerate and be a better bike than if the wheel was fixed.


Free Pedals

The pedals are also other parts of the bike that are usually overlooked in preference for other more flashy parts.

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However, the pedals play a most important role in making sure that the bike moves smoothly first of all and also in keeping the balance of the bike which is one of the most crucial aspects of bike design.

This bike has free pedals and these give the bike both balance and comfort for the user.


Durable Tires

Everything else on a bike might be good and proper, but the tires may just undo it all. The tires will be in contact with the ground most of the time, so they have to be made very durable to withstand the rough ground.

Find out the right tire pressure for your bike

These tires are designed with the best technology that gives them the ability to be used for very long periods of time without giving in. The tires also ensure that every bike ride is safe and comfortable.


Fixed Gears

The gears on advanced bikes are the most important component. They give the bike ability to scale different terrains and also make the bike exert less effort thus making it last longer.

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The gear system in this bike is fixed which means that it cannot move and is therefore well protected from external forces and also the intrusion of foreign particles which would have very adverse effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended pressure of the tires on this bike?

A: The recommended pressure is 100 psi; however, any pressure above 90 all the way up to a bit above 100 should work well.

Is there a manual for instructions?

A: Yes, a manual is made available for the fixing of the bike together.

How many teeth are in the front sprocket?

A: The front sprocket houses around forty-six teeth.

Final Words

As I said earlier, I fell almost instantly in love with this bike and after knowing more about its features I loved it even more. The same experience I am sure will be experienced by many other buyers of this bike, and this is normal.

This is truly one of the most amazing bikes ever to be made, and the features and level of care that was taken to put everything together shows that this assertion is most true. I recommend this bike to all kinds of bike riders both professional and amateur.

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