Vilano Kids 20 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

Give you child the opportunity to explore and have fun by buying them the best mountain. If you have trouble choosing the best mountain bike for your child, I'm here to solve your problems.


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The Vilano Kids 20 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bike is an incredible bike that any little rider will love having. The bike is a true mountain bike which does a lot to enhance its value and make it even more precious.

I don't have a good record with mountain bikes, and this bike was one of the first mountain bikes I ever bought for my child. I wanted my child to have the best riding experience which is why it took me quite a long time to go through the different bikes on offer and choose the best one.

The decision to choose one bike over another is one of the most complicated because most of the time buyers don't know how to tell a good bike from a bad one. 

It took more time before I finally decided on this bike and when my decision was made, I can confidently say that I knew it was the right one. This bike will not disappoint you in any way which is why you should go for it right now.

Frame Strength






  • Good quality spokes
  • The best kind of rubber used to make the tire
  • Adjustable gears
  • Wheels are large enough for the bad terrain
  • An authentic hardtail bike
  • thumbs-o-up
    Solid metal Frame


  • Has a boyish color

Key Features


Shift of Geart

This bike enables the gears to be shifted to different modes. The shifting of gears in mountain bike is really important as the whole issue of gears is what makes mountain bikes so spectacular.

The gears give the bike capabilities to handle various kinds of terrain with ease. Switching between these modes gives the bike ability to be used for various kinds of journeys safely.


Metal Frame

You may have some bikes made of plastic frames, but these bikes would be very low quality. The best quality bikes are made of metal that gives the bike both balance as well as providing a kind of anchor for all the other components of the bike.

This is vital because if the frame were weak, then there would be no assurance of safety for all the other parts of the bike.


Thirty Six Spokes

Each wheel has a maximum of thirty-six spokes. The function of spokes may seem trivial to some, but they do serve the bike well. The spokes give the tire its shape and prevent the tire from losing shape.

The spokes are made from quality metal that gives them the ability to last for the longest time and work well in all situations. The spokes will serve the bike of your child for the longest time.


Travel Fork

The fork on this bike is a special fork called a travel fork. The function of the fork is to make all riding on the bike easier.

The bike is a mountain bike, and it has very sophisticated components, but still the fork has a purpose to serve and in this bike serves its purpose very well. Users will appreciate this special fork.


Dear Brakes

Brakes on the bike provide stopping ability because sooner or later the bike has to stop. Most bikes feature only one kind of brake, and that would be the front brakes.

This bike has in addition to front brakes, rear brakes that make the brake system dual and in the process gives the bike greater stopping ability at all times. This ensures safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the tires?

A: The 20 inch on the title refers to twenty inches which is the size of the tires.

Does the bike have six speed Shimano?

A: Yes this most useful speed component is fully incorporated in this bike for the best performance.

Is the bike a boys' bike or one for girls?

A: Boys might prefer it, but that doesn't mean girls can't have it too.

Final Words

There is little left to say on this bike. The bike isn't just a mountain bike it is also one of the safest bike for kids out there. Ever since my kid got this bike, the response has been remarkable. The bike is long lasting and has stood all forms of adventure he has put it through. You should buy this bike.

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