Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike Review

Vilano is a truly reputable company that has made many bikes over the years. I have known some Vilano bikes over the years and have even owned one or two of them. These bikes all ooze quality, and I should be aware since I've owned them at some point in my life.


When I heard about this Vilano, therefore, I was very curious to see how it would behave and whether it would meet the standards set by the other Vilano bikes.

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I, therefore, bought the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike and decided to put it to the test. I should say that I'm a very enthusiastic biker and can be able to tell a good bike from a bad one with ease and can also do it in the shortest of time periods.

This advantage I did put to use in analyzing this bike and in the end came up quite quickly with the advantages of this bike.​

Below we delve into the details of my findings and see what it is that makes these bikes the very best and whether there are any disadvantages of things that could have been done better concerning the design and overall feel of this bike.​

Frame Strength






  • Advanced wheels
  • Well made a fork
  • Comes from a company with good reputation
  • Free pedals provided
  • Has a choice of different modes


  • There is no multi-tool for assembling the bike

Key Features


Choice of Mode

This bike is designed to operate in two modes. There is the fixed gear mode, and then there is the single speed mode. Both these modes have times that find their application useful.

It is important to make yourself familiar with all these modes so that you are comfortable with them both. The switching between these modes is made possible by flip-flop rear hub.


Good Geometry

The geometry of the bike refers to the way the bike is designed. The geometry refers to the relation between the frame and the fork and every other component on the bike.

The way these different components are structured and made to work together is very important. If anything, even something small is amiss, then the balance falls out of favor, and the bike will not be perfect.


Replaceable Chain Ring

It is common knowledge that the chain ring is the heart of the bike. Messing with the chain ring is like crippling the bike fatally.

Nevertheless, the chain ring usually does give way, and once this happens, then the only thing to do is to find and fix a replacement. It helps if you have a replaceable chainring like the ring on this bike. It will cause the changing process to be easy and smooth.


Platform Pedals

The pedals form a resent component of the bike without which there wouldn't be a bike. The pedals on this bike are unique platform pedals.

Platform is the latest design of pedals and it assures the user of the most comfort and control as they are riding the bike. One better thing about these pedals is the fact that they are free.


Anodized Wheels

For the wheels, to function smoothly, the material making them must be corrosion resistant material. This will give the wheel toughness and rid it of vulnerability. A strong wheel is the most important thing that any bike rider can boast of as it assures safety and comfort.

The wheels on this bike feature the strongest metal that is also anodized, and this makes the metal even more durable. With these wheels, the rider is assured of the safest rides ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of the crank?

A: The crank is made of a special forged alloy set w/46t. This makes the crank as durable as the other parts of the bike.

Does the bike come with accessories?

A: There is a choice of two colors, either red or black depending on preferences.

Is the bike shipped whole or assembled?

A: The bike is shipped in bits which can then be easily assembled by the buyer at their convenience.

Final Verdict

There are simply no bikes like Vilano bikes. This attempt is just one more in a long line of attempts that have all been very successful. Everyone should embrace Vilano Bikes and especially this one. These bikes are the.

ultimate regarding comfort and reliability and perhaps most important if all safety and durability because you do want a bike that will last long once you buy it, and that will also keep you safe.

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