Vilano Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike Review

Women's bikes are the entire craze these days. There was a time when not a lot of attention was put on women's bikes. In those days it wasn't thought that women needed special bikes at all. In time, however As people came to...


Appreciate more and more the differences between men and women, it was discovered that having women use men's bikes would be doing them a major disservice.

As such it was thought that the best thing to do would be to come up with a bike exclusively for women. Vilano Women's Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike is one bike that has arisen out of those efforts.

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As a women's bike, this particular piece of machinery is almost perfect. There are very few bikes that can compete with this bike out there and this is because of the way it is made.

This bike is designed carefully with the highest standards to offer riders with an enjoyable time on the road. I like when such care is put into the designing if things such as bikes because then you are always sure that durability and comfort are assured.

Frame Strength






  • An advanced pair of pedals for controlled movement
  • Seven hundred cc chain
  • Corrosion resistant frame
  • Handlebars that make for easy handling
  • Advanced breaks for easy breaking


  • Weight isn't indicated on bike

Key Features


700 Cc Single Speed

The defining aspect of this bike is the single speed endowment. Single speed is a very basic but crucial part of any biking system, and its inclusion guarantees that safety of the rider is a priority.

On top of this, there are seven hundred CCS of chain for maximum pedaling and safety. All this makes this bike one that stands out from the rest.


Mustache Handlebars

Handlebars need to be very comfortable because they are the part that riders will hold on to for the longest time during the ride. Designing good handlebars requires the best expert assistance out there.

This bike has some of the best handlebars that ensure the comfort of the rider is assured of and gives the rider additional safety while he is riding the bike. The comfort grip means a rider can ride for as long as they want without getting tired or their arms giving way.


Steel Frame

The designers thought long and hard before settling on steel as the. material to be used in designing the frame. The frame has to be light and steel offers the best in this regard.

Apart from being light the frame also has to be able to support the weight of all the Passengers That It Is Carrying.

All these advantages are made sure of when steel is used in making the body of the bike. This steel body gives the ultimate rider comfort while also ensuring protection and durability.


Easy Braking

Braking is another area of bike design that needs to be taken very seriously. A good bike must have functional brakes that are not too hard or too soft as either of these extremes is not the best.

This bike has very functional coaster brakes that are very useful for controlling the speed of the bikes and also assured the safety of the rider without constricting the comfort that should be experienced.


Platform Pedals

Pedals are an important part of the bike that gives it ability to move. They are, therefore, crucial and must be designed well to enable the rider be both comfortable and also be able to control the speed of the bike at will.

The pedals on this bike are very impressive platform pedals that do the best of both worlds- they offer ultimate comfort to the feet as well as ensuring that the safety of the rider is assured of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the mustache handlebars hard to use?

A: The handlebars take some time getting used to, but once you know how they function it becomes easy.

 Is there a woman's version for this bike?

A: Yes, there's a version made just for women.

If the mustache handlebars are too hard to use, can other kinds of handlebars be installed?

A: Yes, the bike can work with other kinds of handlebars.

Final Words

Women everywhere should be jubilant that a bike built exclusively for them is now available. And more than this, the bike is one of the best out there, with features that. Make it rival any other advanced bike out there.

I recommend it to all women and to all men as well who may wish to buy it for female loved ones. Such a present will serve the user for the longest time without any mishaps.

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