4 Key Advantages of Visualizing the Game While Playing Basketball

Are you the type of basketball player who tends to visualize your game before it starts? Visualization is crucial because it helps players keep their focus and prepare better for the game. Visualization is also helpful because it will allow you to...


Foresee certain situations in the game before it can even happen in real life. It’s like thinking ahead of time, if you see it happening in the game, there are more possibilities that you can prevent it from happening.

Training should always be taken seriously and should never be skipped. Just imagine the advantages that can come out of you working real hard at training and at the same being able to develop your mental state to rehearse your future games through visualization?

You can become untouchable if you get this technique correctly. If you also have other sports aside from basketball that you play on a regular basis, you can also apply all of these techniques to your other sports, and you will find that it can work miracles while playing with teammates.

All professionals have developed this technique, which is why it is not hard to see how they can shoot 3 pointers so well, and work the offensive and defensive aspect of the game so easily without breaking a sweat.

If you want to learn how to do this as well, we have provided some tips on how you can develop your mental self into visualizing the game before it even starts.​

How to Use Visualization?

To effectively visualize, you need to pay attention to your senses: Sight, Sound and Feeling, to reap the benefits of visualization. While on training, you need to remember that there are a bunch of important factors that you need to consider to do this effectively.

While you are at the free throw line, visualize everything through your vision in the 1st person view. Feel the basketball, look at the ball, and listen to the sound.

basketball game

As you shoot the ball, feel it run through your fingers, See it traveling in the air in perfect backward motion. See your hands in front of you with the perfect follow through, and see it go in to the hoop and hear the ball swish through the net.

If you have effectively use all your senses to shoot the ball, you will see results right away and it will allow you to focus more on the game and help tune you out from all the negative noises that you may hear while you are playing.

5 Benefits of Visualization

As indicated and described above, there are a lot of benefits that you can get when you visualize yourself shooting a basketball perfectly.


It can Help You Getting What You Want

Ultimately, one of the major benefits of visualization, is it allows you to get the results that you want. If you vividly imagine yourself controlling the ball and allowing it to shoot through the hoop with ease, you can achieve your goal and trigger your subconscious to help you reach your target.

By training your brain to get what you want, you can experience more success in the real world and feel more confident and relaxed about it too.


It’s been Proven to Work for a Lot of Athletes

if you are able to develop visualization, you can maximize your performance effectively, that is why other athletes, movie stars, golfers, sales agents or business people can get what they want out of life, because they already visualize themselves doing well in the real world.



It Can Help Relieve Pressure

For a basketball player, the pressure falls on you when you have to do a free throw and the time starts to tick. By visualizing your performance, you will be able to excellently tune out all the noise that you can hear and just focus on what you need to do.

basketball player

It will be like experiencing silence inside your head, like you are in an empty arena where it will only be you in front of the hoop, with the ball in your hand and in complete silence.

No buzzers, no crowd, no teammates, just you, the ball and the hoop. You will see how incredible the results are after you have mastered this.


It Can Also Relieve You of Stress

Visualization is like being in your own world, like a form of meditation that only you will be able to master. The pressure of basketball can sometimes take a toll on you as a player, and can cause stress while you are playing because all the pressure is on you to shoot properly.


Especially that in some situations the time can run out and all you have to do is score a few points to win. By visualizing what you need to do, it can relieve you of stress and relax you in tough and pressuring moments of the game.


It Will Help You Stay Focused

In basketball the objective of the game is to simply get the ball through the hoop, but sometimes such a simple task can be harder than it looks.


If you visualize yourself shooting it through the hoop perfectly, you wont have a problem shooting it through the hoop even if you are already under a lot of pressure. Visualization improves focus, and this is something that all players need in order to score a point.

Final Words

Visualization offers plenty of advantages but only if you use it correctly. It can significantly improve your game, and at the same time keep you focused even when put under a lot of pressure.

In conclusion, visualization is definitely recommended for basketball players because not only will it help you improve in your game, but it also ensures you prepare for every challenge before your game.

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