A Step by Step Guide to Wash Your Bike Properly

Is your bike always dirty? Do you often forget to clean it? A clean bike is not only better to look at but it feels better to ride. Having a clean bike means that you can now go on as many trips as you want without having to worry about cleaning it again when you get back.


Another advantage you can get from cleaning your bike is that you do not have to worry about having it repaired all the time. Cleaning it regularly will help you steer clear of rusting, damages, and corrosion.

It’s easy and it will only take up 10 – 20 minutes of your time depending on the bike you have. If you have no idea how to clean your bike, where to start and what tools you need to clean it, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


When cleaning your bike you must first need to know what you will need to accomplish cleaning it properly. You’ll need:

  • Clean rags, or an old used up shirt
  • A bottlebrush
  • Scrub brushes
  • Degreaser
  • Sponges
  • Dawn ultra
  • Soft square head brush to clean the wheels
  • A garden hose with the trigger style spray head
  • A bucket

Having these items before hand will be able to determine the wear and tear of your bike.


Also that regular usage of these items when cleaning your bike means that you must only use them specifically for your bike, and nothing else, because it can get confusing to use it on something else.

Make sure that your bike has its own cleaning materials to avoid any confusion. First order of business, before attempting to clean anything else on your bike, you must first make sure to clean the drive train.

This mechanism is the transmission of your bike and can usually be found on the lower left side of your wheels. This is the mechanism with the cassette of gears and chain rings. It is actually made up of four parts: the cassette, rear derailleur, the chain rings and the chain.

The cassette is the collection of gears that can be found on the back part of your wheels, the rear derailleur is the metal arm, the chain rings are the big gears located next to your pedals, and the chain that is responsible for the movement.

This piece of equipment will be responsible for moving your bike forward, if any kind of dirt or grime gets caught in this part of the bike, you have yourself a problem. When this happens, it usually causes the chain to skip and cause serious chain issues to your bike.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wash Your Bike Properly


Elevate Your Bike

To make things a lot easier on you, it is important that you elevate your bike. This will not only ensure that you get all kinds of dirt off it, but it will also make it easier for you to clean.

Another reason for why you need to elevate your bike is, because you will need to make the chain move while you are cleaning it. Moving the chain will make sure that you get all kinds of grease of the chains.


You can use a bike stand to elevate your bike, but if you do not have a bike stand laying around in your household, you can always flip the bike around on the seat, but make sure that you put a towel or any kind of cloth underneath the seat, so that you can avoid it from getting scratched or scuffed while you clean it.


Use Scrubbing Brush to Get in Between the Gears

Cleaning your cassette gears is like brushing and flossing your own teeth to make it white and clean. The same thing goes for cleaning your gears; you need the proper toothpaste to make it white and clean.

Using a toothbrush to clean the cassette will ensure that it gets rid of grime and grease found in between the chains. In a small pail, add a mixture of water and biodegradable solvent and brush it in between the gears.

To make things easier for you, you also have the option to keep the brush in place, and turn the pedals around to move the wheels.


If you find that there are some areas in the chain that’s dirty and hard to reach, you can use a screwdriver to remove all the remaining grime found in between the chains.


Dos and Don’ts


  • Recycle your sponges. Spending for a sponge alone will be too time-consuming and tiring. If you have old dishwashing sponges there that you do not need anymore, you can use these on your bike.
  • Make sure that when you clean your clogs, that you are doing it with a clean rag. Make sure that the rag is the type that doesn’t stick to your chains, or else it can tear it up.
  • Make sure that you dedicate all hours of your time free, to clean your bike. A clean bike will ensure that your chains are free from grime.


  • Mix everything up in one bucket. Make sure that you get a separate one to clean the body of your bike. No body wants to get grease on their bike body; this will be very hard to take off the body.
  • Don’t use an abrasive brush or sponge on your bike frame, as this may cause scratches, and can damage the over all body and look of your bike.
  • Do not try the easy way out by spraying your bike with a high-pressure hose. Water with high pressure can damage the bearings of your bike. if you are lazy, you can always use a normal hose, but make sure that you have the nozzle equipped to help you get whatever kind of dirt off your bike.

If you find that there are some areas in the chain that’s dirty and hard to reach, you can use a screwdriver to remove all the remaining grime found in between the chains.

Final Words

It is always important to keep your bike clean at all times, because failure to do so can lead to a dirty and greasy chain. Keeping it clean regularly will save you the trouble of having to bring it to a bike shop for maintenance and repairs.

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